Salvation   |   WOLVES   |   CHANGES
Salvation was about a relationship coming to an end. That song wasn’t completely written when we were in the studio and Malachi, my dear friend and drummer for many years said, "That is going to be an important tune not just for the record, but for you. You should go and finish that song.”  I still drank alcohol at the time,  I took some booze, went into the other room and the rest of it sort of just came out.  I had to set it free in order to take a step forward. 
After the record Be Set Free, I had some issues with some of my output. I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t put out anything that wasn’t very raw and real and true to myself.  And that I wouldn’t fear the feeling, and in fact I would embrace the feeling, and therefore be truly set free through being as vulnerable as the feeling called for in a song. For me that is the expression in a song. 
I wanted desperately just to be open and not hide anywhere, just to live in the thing, and create music in the thing. Therefore, nothing anyone ever said or did could fuck with that. It’s my life force, this music.  If I’m not 100% certain about it, it’s going to be a battle that I don’t want to live with. If I’m certain of it, regardless of if people are clapping or magazine is saying “great” or whatever, if I’m down with it, it’s a groovy thing.