T-Mobile Social Experience Platform

As part of the larger T-mobile.com site, the SEP set forth to deliver two social experiences for the network's customers, Everyone Says and Idea Lab.

Everyone Says - a unique community that allows a customer to connect with other customers to hear their perspectives and experiences on a particular product, feature, service or idea. It is not a support community, but more of a social sales community where users can help each other out in ways that the site or a T-Mobile representative might not be able to do.

Idea Lab - is an environment where users can submit their ideas for features, services, apps or suggestions on how to improve existing offerings. The intent is to provide users with a forum to connect with the business and have their needs heard (and ideally met). Users who contribute suggestions or ideas will have them voted on (up or down) by other community members. Those ideas that gain the most traction (popular votes) will be the most visible to the community and the members will be rewarded (badges and recognition from T-Mobile) for their contributions.
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